"noWhere nowHere" it is reffered to a note taken from a Philip K. Dick book of "Valis" trilogy. We traspone the duality of this word to the impact of music on our life.



when we read a book or watch a movie there is always some note coming from nowhere on our mind while we are reading or when we freeze thinking about the meaning of a movie we just wachted. All the posts will have a playlist attached inspired by a research that goes deep on a subject, book, movie, etc...



It is about all the door we open to the outside worlds, we host concerts, video interviews, DJ sets, social events.

how we work

this is a "loose" profit collective based in Dublin,  we build up during our spare time, we use open source and free licenced tools, listed below:

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we constantly look for new volunteers that want join a friendly, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and LGTB+ inclusive politics. If you collect records, shoot stunning photos, you are part of a small scene you would like to give visibility or simply you like what we are doing and want to be involved in somehow, drop us a message.

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