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It started in 2018, inspired by Philip K. Dick's "Valis" trilogy. It was a joke about the duality of the word "nowhere" which could have an opposite meaning simply moving the accent  "no-where" or "now-here". We mostly use the duality to distinguish our online and in-person activities. 

This is a "loose" profit organization, we are all music lovers that joined together in order to build up a community to socialize and promote the music we love. 

We had chosen open-source tools that let us work untraced and securely, no it's not true eh eh,  we had chosen it as an option since we are not willing to make any profit so we preferred to stay on that side of the wall. 

We are constantly looking for new joiners, so if you love music, you like how we work or you want to bring new ideas, feel free to drop us a message, we are waiting for you!

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