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we need skills, it's impossible for us to image our space closed to externals, we need help and we are open to any kind of collaboration to support our blog and events! our pathners gifted us with the most valuable thing on the market "their time!" their posts will appear on the category nowBside. 


Stridente Records

We teamed with the #StridenteMeet series of interviews that help us to discover musician from the undergound scene of London. 

Stridente Records is a London based organization, music business oriented, that deliver services starting from music production, event management, videos, mixing, packaging with the goal to support and discover musicians and drive them on their releases and promotion.

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No Fade Out

We teamed with the community radio No Fade Out, their network goes from Italy, Scotland, Belgium and Brazil on their website you can find album reviews, news, podcasts, mixtapes and stories from all over. 

nowhere playlists will be shared on their mixtapes category! We are so happy to be part of their network as the only Irish blog. Time to time we will also try to create new opportunity to share events and more music with them.

Maximilian Cope

He is born in Milan and living in Dublin since 2008, his collaborating doing the video interviews for nowhere and create stunning video presentations. His playlist is the digest of some parts of himself.


"Describing myself only with 40/45 minutes of music is restrictive, I could describe a minute of my existence, but an intense minute".

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Piero Cafarelli

He comes from a small town near Pescara. He is collaborating taking stunning pictures at our events (not all of them we steal him occasionally from his family).


"Few things have been present in all my life, no matter where I was, what I was doing, or how much money I had in my pockets, and these things are music and photography".



the brand is an art-container based in Taranto (Southern Italy) born in 2020.

"Fabio and Candida have a natural interest in music, paints, books, illustration, comics, photography, etc... while they will promote a variety of things there will be always a mix for us".

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