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A Concert for Ukraine

Updated: Feb 17

On the 24th of February 2022, after the failure of all negotiations, Russia crossed the border to invade Ukrainian territories. Two years later, most of the cities are destroyed, and civilians need help, especially during wintertime. We have chosen the Ukrainian charity SMART (, a purpose-built organization that aims to provide expert-level humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

So, we decided to channel our passion for music into a fundraising concert. There will be four acts:

the next new low

slowcore, indie rock, band of Brian Mooney, who has been an engine of the Irish rock scene with his record label Trust Me I’m A Thief and a member of the 90s band The Idiots.

Hubert Selby Jr. Infants

noise rock band who feature members of Electricals, Weird Feelings, and the great radio show Little Plastic Tapes.

Garage Olimpo

slowcore, a post-rock band who actively made this concert happen, has started playing live on the underground Dublin scene in the past year.

Easy Peeler

a debut band featuring members of Hands Up Who Wants Die, Crowhammer, Zeropunkt, and Shifting. We don't know what to expect but the premises are great!

This event is hosted by nohwere with the collaboration of Pinocchio Magazine at Bello Bar. All the purchases will be donated to SMART Medical Aid.

As we don't post anything without music, we did a selection from the bands that will play at the concert followed by our favourite Ukranian bands introduced by chunks of the interview that Sebastiano and Oleksii did from Pinocchio Magazine. One thing we wanted to highlight is the city where the bands came from, it wasn't always easy and it took some time to find it but somehow it made us feel a bit closer to them.



01. the next new low - the next new low

02. Garage Olimpo - Here to Last

03. Hubert Selby Jr Infants - Misery Hill

04. Mindless Paradise - Cogitare (from Kyiv)

05. Electrobirds - Fragments (from Odesa)

06. Sad Novelist - Caramel (from Ivano-Frankivsk)

07. Mamanet - Orange Super Mario (from Kramatorsk)

08. Lostsleep - Bruises (from Donetsk)

09. Rippedd - I Forgot Your Name (from Kyiv)

10. Mandarinaduck - Whisper of Leaves and Birds (from Zaporizhya)

11. I-Human - Nonconformist (from Mariupol)

12. Ephemeral Stars - In Your Arms (from Mariupol)

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