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event AQPG Radio Show

Hi everybody, It's Sebastiano here, I'm delighted to share with you the mix I've prepared for the Italian Radio show AQPG, the show is based in Sora, not so far from Rome! We did a live streaming of a small interview and 25 min of my selection. AQPG is streamed to all the platforms, FM and the Digital TV Channel of Radio Roma.

Our chats went too far so the mix was truncated at the end, here is the full mix. Special thanks to Federico and Alessandro for inviting me and Riccardo (without it it would never happen)

Here is the mix, Enjoy!


01. Tycho - A Walk

02. Apparat - Halling From Edges

03. Four Tet - She Just Likes to Fight

04. Ghostpoet - Off Peak Dreams

05. Kiasmos - Gaunt

06. Moderat - Bad Kingdom

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