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nowHere "//Less"

//Less is a torrent of noise hammered by explosive rhythms from France. Two basses boosted with effects, powerful and tortured vocals spread a new vitalic and fresh wall of sound. They released their first EP in Jan 2022.

We have been in contact with Romain that shared their music with us and we immediately invited him to prepare a playlist of their influences. He friendly accepted our invite and created a blasting selection of music for YOU!


01. //Less - Nervous Breakdown

02. Motorhead - Serial Killer

03. Sonic Youth - Brother James

04. Metz - Nervous System

05. Flats - Never Again

06. Tunic - Disappointment

07. Gilla Band - Pears For Lunch

08. Sonic Youth - Nic Fit

09. The Hirs Collective - In a Passionate Kiss

10. Kapitan Korsakov - When We Were Hookers

11. Dead Kennedys - Riot

12. Metz - Sugar Pill

13. The Horrors - Draw Japan

14. Idles - Car Crash

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