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best of 2022 by Keith

We love synthesis and we delegated our opinion about 2022 using Kubrick movie snapshot from Dr. Strangelove, nothing to add to it eh? On the other hand, we are delighted that our residency at The Big Romance was a success, we had great guests and the staff decided to renovate it for 2023. Last November we had another nice event at the Bello Bar organizing "nowhere circus" a weird concert with 6 different bands coming from 6 different genres, the experiment worked very well so we are looking forward to organizing more.

This playlist includes Keith's favorites, he is one of our best resources and on the mix touch the best of 2022 from the angles that shaped the beauty of the past year's releases. This is all for YOU!



01. Valentina Magaletti - Rumours of Bread

02. Show Me The Body - Loose Talk

03. Oren Ambarchi - III

04. Billy Woods - Paraquat

05. Black Midi - 27 Questions

06. Ginger Root - Holy Hell

07. Daniel Rossen - It s A Passage

08. Soul Glo - Jump!! (Or Get Jumped!!!)((by the future))

09. Lubrecia Dalt - Lucrecia Dalt - Atemporal

10. Chat Pile - Why

11, Kae Tempest - These Are The Days

12. Dalek - Holistic

13. Marina Herlop - miu

14. Horse Lords - Mess Mend

15. Deerhoof - My Lovely Cat

16. Jockstrap - Greatest Hits

17. Big Thief - Time Escaping

18. Elaine Howley - To The Test

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