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Best Irish Releases of 2023

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Sebastiano here. At the end of each year, I usually create a playlist featuring my favorite releases from around the world. 2023 was exceptional for Irish-centric music, prompting me to concentrate solely on my top picks. My criteria are primarily based on personal taste, and I aimed to keep the playlist between 45 and 60 minutes. As a result, I had to leave out many tracks that I loved.

We bid farewell to 2021 and 2022 with a loud "FUCK OFF," first for Covid and then for the start of the war in Ukraine. Well, the conflict hasn't stopped, even though the media has shifted its focus to Israel, where the well-known retaliation of Hamas against Israeli civilians has escalated into a disproportionate response that has now involved more than 20,000 civilian deaths.

Nowhere Music is against all forms of violence, and we are outraged to see that no power is trying to stop what we can now rightly call genocide. We are appalled to see how slowly these same powers are abandoning the Ukrainian population to fend for themselves and winter is there and cold. We are thinking about actions, the only small things we can do on our side, so you will see something happening in 2024. We are looking for new collaborations, venues, and people who want to get involved. Feel free to drop an email to us or simply write on one of the socials that suits you better.

This year, our playlist doesn't carry a "fuck off" in its title. I feel I've encountered too many of those, and they haven't brought about much change. Moreover, I believe that most people visiting this blog share our concerns. Thus, I'd like to share something that has brought some light of hope for a better future.

I want to send some special thank you to all the collectors who shared our nights out at The Big Romance, and Little Gem Records (Andy) who keep the light on experimental music in Dublin, we had so much fun at Anseo. AC Noises (Andrea) runs a fantastic Twitch channel "What you do for the unknown musicians is great". Think Punk Studios that gave us space and trust for our records nights and concerts. Riccardo who modernized our night out format and Piero our favorite photographer.

Enjoy the music! See you in 2024, I love you all.


01. Hands Up Who Wants to Die - Ludger Sylbaris

02. Cruel Sister - Lenny

03. girlfriend. - In Silence

04. The Next New Low - Hurt People Hurt People

05. Search Results - Flower Rock Rain

06. Hubert Selby Jr. Infants - Build Me A Monster

07. Moundabout - Living to Give

08. John Francis Flynn - Mole In The Ground

09. sign crushes motorist - Start

10. OXN - Love Henry

11. I Dreamed I Dream - The Bass

12. Yop - Propaganda By The Deed

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