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best of 2022 by Seb

We love synthesis and we delegated our opinion about 2022 using Kubrick movie snapshot from Dr. Strangelove, nothing to add to it eh? On the other hand, we are delighted that our residency at The Big Romance was a success, we had great guests and the staff decided to renovate it for 2023. Last November we had another nice event at the Bello Bar organizing "nowhere circus" a weird concert with 6 different bands coming from 6 different genres, the experiment worked very well so we are looking forward to organizing more.

We prepared two playlists of the best 2022 album releases, both selected by our resident DJs, Sebastiano and Keith, the order it's not meant to be a chart but just a way to have a better flow for YOU listening to it.

In this post we publish Sebastiano's selection, enjoy!


01. Benefits - Meat Teeth

02. Chat Pile - Slauhterhouse

03. //LESS - Nervous Breakdown

04. Girls In Synthesis - My Husband

05. DITX - Ded Wurst

06. Psychic Graveyard - Haunted By Your Bloodline

07. Thank - Good Boy

08. Oneida - Opportunities

09. The Bobby Lees - Hollywood Junkyard

10. Robocobra Quartet - Wellness

11. Birth Order - Farewell, Square Horse

12. Drowse - Mystery Pt. 2

13. Katie Kim - Feeding on the Metals

14. Duster - New Directions

15. Current 93 - Clouds at Teatime

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