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Best Releases of 2023 by Keith

Hello everyone! this is our last post related to 2023. Long time DJ of the nowhere family, Keith Tomey, has selected his favorite tracks released in 2023. his select float from hip hop, spoken word, folk, electronica, to indie. Although I didn't ask, I'm sure some of the tunes come from his trip to the Le Guess Who? Festival and of course the attended concerts and listenings he had over the last year.



01. SANAM - Ayouha Al-Taiin Fi Al-Mawt

02. Deerhoof - The Poignant Melody

03. Faten Kanaan - Florin Court

04. Natalia Beylis - Afloat In Fog And Feathers

05. Billy Woods & Kenny Segal (Feat. Danny Brown) - Year Zero

06. John Francis Flynn - Mole In The Ground

07. The Stargazer's Assistant - Oya

08. The Sorcerers - Exit Athens

09. Marnie Stern - The Natural

10. Ana Frango Electrico - Electric Fish

11. WITCH - Waile

12. Sweeping Promises - Falling Forward

13. Slauson Malone 1 - New Joy

14. Quade - Of the Source

15. Model?Actriz - Slate

16. Joanna Sternberg - People Are Toys To You

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