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Updated: Jun 25, 2022

"Il mondo finirá di notte" is the new book by Umberto Sebastiano, a writer who also worked as a tv and theatre author. Umberto lives in Milan with his partner Valeria.

He likes to define himself as an undercover poet working for a quiz show! When he was a child he wanted to become an astronaut but ended up being a new wave singer in the Italian bands Ribelli Cromati and Rendez-vous Ravage.

He wrote two kids' books for the Lilliput series which won the Andersen Awards in collaboration with Valeria Petrone as Illustrator. Writing his latest book Umberto reconnects to the music scene he was part of during the 80s. The new wave that often was falling into the dark scenes was quite good and active in Italy during that period. As the title suggests, the book celebrates the darkness, the deep and obscure feelings that make you escape to another imaginary world to survive.

"Il Mondo Finirá di Notte" is full of musical references that the author introduces to guide and support the reading like a soundtrack to a movie. It's brilliant and we select a few tunes for YOU!


01. Otis Redding - A Change Is Gonna Come

02. Nina Hagen - My Way

03. Walt Disney Prod. - (I Need) Action

04. Ribelli Cromati - Shalalala

05. Gene Kelly - Singin in the Rain

06. The Chi-Lites - Stoned Out of My Mind

07. Rendez-vous Ravage - Quando Mi Scappi di Mente

08. Ribelli Cromati - La Strada Buia

09. Sex Pistols - Holidays In the Sun

10. Dolly Parton - Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can)

11. Alice - Il Vento Caldo dell'Estate

12. Lio - Amoureux Solitaries

13. Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express

14. Marvin Gaye - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

15. Devo - (I Can't Get Me No) Satisfaction

16. Rendez-vous Ravage - Un Inverno a Pordenone

17. Ultravox - Vienna

18. Simple Minds - I Travel

19. Killing Joke - The Wait

20. Buzzcocks - I Don't Mind

21. The Jam - Art School

22. The Stranglers - No More Heroes

23. Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

24. The Who - My Generation

25. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Happy House

26. The Cure - Grinding Halt

27. Mario Del Marco - Un Amore Cosi Grande

28. Blondie - Call Me

29. The Smiths - Stretch out and Wait

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