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"Fuck 2021" by DJ O'Kane

We waved to the previous year saying Fuck 2020! and we will do the same this one, even if there was a margin of a few months of concerts in around, between damn variants and some naive political choice, we spent another year counting deaths and a lot of lockdowns. At some point, we could have some hope but in the end BOOM, Omicron is stopping everything again. The good stuff is that looks like that the vaccination campaign is working well and the symptoms on infected people are quite mild! but the risk is still serious.

Despite that, nowhere had a year of huge involvements from bands creating playlists, new collaborations, and a great response for our Vinyl records night at The Big Romance. Thank you all!

Another positive in a disaster we have to highlight is the "NOOOOOOO" compilations, created by the Noise Rock Community on Facebook to support Trigger Cut, a German band who found burned most of their pieces of equipment and their rehearsal room destroyed. It was so encouraging to see more than 200 bands donating their tracks for the compilations used to collect some cash to help the guys. They are working hard, unfortunately, most of the stuff is gone but the community gave a lot of hope to them.

DJ O'Kane selected tracks from a few of the many we consider the best album in 2021. Pretty much noisy stuff. In the coming week, we will publish Keith's playlist, he is one of the new DJs that recently joined us at The Big Romance.

The order is not based on any kind of rating or things like that, we love it all.



01. Psychic Graveyard - Word Machine

02. Thank - Good Boy

03. Human Impact - Recognition

04. Facs - Strawberry Cough

05. Old Time Relijun - You That Is You

06. '68 - Bad Bite

07. Trigger Cut - Solid State

08. Low Moder - 3 Times Hall of Famer

09. Rid Of Me - 23

10. Bummer - I Want to Punch Bruce Springsteen in the Dick

11. Luggage - Happiness

12. Black Wing - Is This Real Life, Jesus Christ

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