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nowHere Ushuaia & The Wanderlust Orchestra

Ushuaia is a music composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. But above all he’s a globetrotter, fascinated by an old-time travelling philosophy; when GPS and smartphones did not yet exist and every exploration was a real adventure. His music genres range from Folk to Electronic, Hip Hop to Orchestral, Soul to Jazz, all bound under the “Geo-Music” concept.

Geo-Music is a definition well different from World Music. Ushuaia’s compositions are all based on his trips around the world and on the experiences he collected during these journeys. Every spot has its own vibe, every location has its peculiar sound. Moreover, all the lyrics and all the notes of his songs have a precise backstory, inspired by a peculiar experience he lived in the places where the tracks are set. “Set” is the best term to talk about Ushuaia’s composition, because his sound has a very cinematic DNA, the synaesthetic attitude to create images through the music, and -above all -to first carry the listener into a sonic voyage and -thereafter -to encourage him to leave toward new experiences.

The Wanderlust Orchestra represents Ushuaia’s travel companion in his musical journey. A fluid ensemble all over the world, sons of this digital nomadism era. Its members constantly change based on the sound of the next album, or the next track, always made of people met by Ushuaia along his way.

Our friends of Stand Alone Complex asked him to prepare a playlist for YOU! The selection is fantastic. Enjoy!


01. Ushuaia & The Wanderlust Orchestra - 18 Sycamores feat. A. Esmeralda & S. Lillo

02. First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining

03. Hurray For Riff Raff - Blue Ridge Mountain

04. Kevin Morby - This is a Photograph

05. Mark Orton - Their Pie (Hawthorn Version)

06. Kurt Vile - I'm an Outlaw

07. tUnE-yArDs - Bizness

08. alt-J - Tessellate

09. Bakar - Hell N Back

10. Other Lives - For 12

11. Paolo Nutini - Growing up Beside You

12. Jos‚ Gonz lez - Killing for Love

13. Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - Ladyfingers

14. Gal Costa with Caetano Veloso - Baby

15. Hurray for the Riff Raff - The Body Electric

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