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nowHere "Baobab Romeo"

Baobab Romeo is a trio based in Mantua (Italy). Mattia Bresciani (voice) and Davide Bianchera (bass, synth) from the band .Geisha. and Sebastiano Confetta (guitar, synth, mix) from Holiday in Arabia. They mix both rock and electronic waves in a unique sound. Active since 2013 they already released several albums you can listen to their Bandcamp page. Who betters than them can describe their approach to music?

“We are passionate about literature, cinema, theatre, and dance. When we write our songs, we like to think that the sound can be a kind of soundtrack for some images, but also for some bodies in motion; for this reason, our gigs are always accompanied by visuals or dancers and performers who help the audience to immerse themselves in our world“

FRAMES is their latest work and it opens with the nature of Mountain, about the desire to experience the chaos out there, and develops with the leap out of the habits of Horizon and the programmatic darkness of Black, in homage to the value of loneliness.

We asked them to prepare a playlist to include a track for their works and give you the chance to see them from a different angle. They accepted the challenge and prepared a great one for YOU! (I'm personally in Love with Davide "Bianco" but you will never discover it)



01. Baobab Romeo - Earth 02. Tim Hecker - Obsidian Counterpoint 03. Jaga Jazzist - Starfire 04. Earthteatre - Below the Clavicle 05. Holly Herndon - Interference 06. Arca - Senorita 07. Yves Tumor - Jackie 08. Radiohead - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 09. London Grammar - Rooting For You 10. C'mon Tigre - Malta (the Bird and the Bear) 11. James Blake - Overgrown

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