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nowHere "Fujiya & Miyagi"

Fujiya & Miyagi are a British band formed in Brighton, East Sussex, England, in 2000. Their music is a mix of electric and electronic machines in a perfect harmony that makes their live shows so intense and dancy. Best has explained that "Fujiya" refers to Fujiya, a Japanese manufacturer of record players, and "Miyagi" refers to the character of Mr. Miyagi from the film The Karate Kid because the two names together "just looked really nice written down. And ["Fujiya and Miyagi"] was the only name we came up with". They released 8 albums and toured pretty much all over the world.

Stridente TV came back to us with a lovely gift, interviewing David Best!

Fujiya & Miyagi music was also featured on Breaking Bad and Misfits TV Series. The band has been one of the subjects of the MTV series "This is our music" in 2006.

We are pleased to share David's Best playlist, which he mixed for YOU!



01. Fujiya & Miyagi - Feeling The Effects

02. Ennio Morricone Death Rattle

03. Cluster - Caramel

04. Keith Hudson - Darkest Night on a Wet Looking Road

05. Harmonia - Dino

06. The Dirty Filthy Mud - Forest of Black

07. Islet - Radel 10

08. Fujiya & Miyagi - Rayleigh Scattering

09. Ex-Display Model - Existential Crisis

10. Prince - New Position

11. Big Youth - Instant Coma

12. Can - Safe

13. Jimmy Riley - Were Gonna Make It

14. Captain Beefheart - Apes-Ma

15. La Dusseldorf - White Overalls

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