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nowHere "Picastro"

I rarely start a post with "I", usually It's a "we" but at this time I feel it's more personal, not because I'm related to someone on the band but It was a recent discovery to me and I'm really in love with their music, and I've to thank Sasha Syeed (Nothingful) that with one of his brilliant post let me know the band I feature today ...

Picastro is a Canadian slowcore and rock music band based in Toronto. Active since 1998 the band is toured in the US, Europe and brought their music to a lot of clubs and Festivals. The band is fronted by guitarist/vocalist Liz Hysen and currently includes cellist Nick Storring, synth and guitarist Matthew Ramolo (Khora), and drummer Germaine Liu.

The aesthetic of their sound is driven by the songwriting of Liz, with a pull and release that hit directly on your gut. I've been in contact with Her asking to create a playlist to share with you! She included good Canadian bands and songwriters, and it has a great flow (Thanks Liz).

I won't continue to ramble talking about their music since you can just listen to it and have your opinion, and I hope you will love it as I do.



01. Picastro - Hortur

02. Eric's Trip - Stove

03. Deep Dark United - Zut!

04. Syrinx - Hollywood Dream Trip

05. Laura Barrett & Jose Miguel Contreras - You

06. Zoon - Vibrant Colours

07. Les Georges Leningrad - Sponsorships

08. Hank - Exclusive Plot

09. Maica Mia - Bricks

10. Mary Margaret O'Hara - Not Be Alright

11. Rumour Milk - Noble Experiment

12. Fortunato Durutti Marinetti - Seasonless

13. Beverly Glenn Copeland - Winter Astral

14. Great Lakes Swimmers - Moving Pictures, Silent Films

15. Khora - I am a Tongue of Spectral Void

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