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nowHere "Nothingful"

Nothingful is a San Diego solo project. His Banglamexican birth heritage allows him spangles of opportunity in which to dimension into the angles of music and rhythms written in the air. Sings and plays an acoustic bass guitar. Sometimes he brings his dobro with him and various other accouterments. The songs are unconventional in so many ways as he is musically untrained.

To play the bass in the way that Nothingful makes it would be to so as in tuning other than standard. The lyrics come in all sorts of ways: from the air; from scholarly pursuits; from blurted random thoughts; from object-things in the room and why not, some covers.

It's an honor to have Sasha selecting some tunes, we share a lot of music interests and common friends and it was quite natural for me to start a conversation and invite him to be part of the blog. His playlist is a mix of mint bands I love and discoveries that I will follow up on in the next weeks. I hope you will enjoy it as I did while assembling it all for YOU!


01. Nothingful - Fischerman's Position

02. Show Me the Body - Arcanum

03. Land of Talk - The Hate I Won't Commit

04. Horse Jumper of Love - Cops

05. Billy Nomates - No

06. Country Teasers - Golden Apples

07. Sprain - Slant

08. Acetone - Shaker

09. PIle - The Tourist (Radiohead Cover)

10. Exploding Star Orchestra - The Careening Prism Within (Parable 43)

11. Francois De Roubaix - Amour Sur Les Rails

12. Clipping - Blood of the Fang

13. Aphex Twin - diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13

14. Shame - Born in Luton

15. Young Jesus - Deterritory

16. The James Hunter Six - Something's Calling

17. Connie Converse - Honeybee

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