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Something About “Frank Zappa”

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

photo taken from Discogs

Something about Frank Zappa in two words would almost suffice to describe Frank Zappa: Pure Genius. Here at Nowhere we felt that Zappa needed to be put on our podcast because he was independent in the sense that he never sold himself to the usual suspects.

Self produced and intensively inventive, his music spun from jazz to classical, reggae and blues and? you just name it, he did it. So many musicians worked with him, some have even been refused to work along him by himself but still became the cream of musicians of the 20th century. The list is so extensive that we decided to name just 3 for this first podcast dedicated to Frank Zappa: George Duke (Keyboard), Steve Vai (Guitar) and Aynsley Dunbar (Drums) We hope this playlist will spark some interest in an old but yet still new and modern musician.

We will appreciate your comments and suggestions. Waiting for Something about Frank Zappa II

Playlist: Frank Zappa – Joe’s Garage Frank Zappa – Twenty Small Cigars Frank Zappa – Wowie Zowie Frank Zappa – Questi Cazzi Di Piccione Frank Zappa – St. Aphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast Frank Zappa – Brown Moses Frank Zappa – Broken Hearts are for Assholes Frank Zappa – You Didn’t Try to Call Me Frank Zappa – Bobby Brown Goes Down Frank Zappa – Centerville Frank Zappa – Randomonium Frank Zappa – Artificial Rhonda Frank Zappa – The Radio Is Broken

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