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Something About “WHY?”

Updated: May 30, 2020

This time for our “Something about” series we are presenting a playlist that spins around the world of WHY?. WHY? is a band from Cincinnati (Ohio). This new list is a follow up of the Notwist from one of our previous session. They are also co founders of the band 13&God.

Yoni Wolf’s personal stage nickname became a band in 2005 when he invited his older brother Josiah, Doug McDiarmaid and Matt Meldon. Their works are far from being influenced by the market, promoting the home production as their preferred channel of freedom. Their sound goes from hip hop to indie rock and their career is full of collaborations (Alias, Serengeti, Dose One) and side projects (Clouddead, Themselves, Hymie’s Basement) and some solos that we hope you will enjoy listening in our playlist. They are also co-founders of Anticon Records that collect all musicians with the same attitude.


01. WHY? Interview 02. WHY? – The Hollows 03. Themselves – Good People Check 04. 13 & God – Armored Scarves 05. Josiah Wolf – That Kind Of Man 06. Hymie’s Basement – 21st Century Pop Song 07. cLOUDDEAD – Dead Dogs Two 08. Alias – Well Water Black (feat. Yoni Wolf) 09. Yoni & Geti – Madeline 10. Anticon – Pity Party People 11. Pedestrian – Blind Dates 12. Serengeti – Tracks 13. WHY? Interview

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