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watcHere "Magasin4 Documentary"

Magasin4 is a venue founded in 1994, the Mecca of punk-rock culture in Brussels and soon open to alternative music: Hardcore, Funk, Alternative Rock, Ska, Pop, Experimental Music, Chanson Française, Jazz and a lot of original fusions...

Magasin4 is a volunteer-driven place where the passion and attitude of the early 90s developed and evolved keeping alive the old values of equity, integration and independence. By following this logic, the entrance fee is always affordable comparing other business-driven venues in around. It is indeed a place where you can make discoveries.

If you want to discover more, a documentary was shoot to celebrate the 25 years of activities directed by Thomas De Moor

Ben is one of Magasin4 coordinators and event schedule manager, he also hosts Runderground, a radio show about news and music. He is a long-time friend since we attended a festival together. That was more than 10 years ago. Whenever I can, I travel to Belgium to attend concerts in M4, the only place where you can see me drunk ^_^ (this is not a plus actually, but It brings me back a lot of good memories). Anyway, asked Ben to prepare a playlist for the blog and here it is! I'm not surprised about the choices he made because I was sure about the quality of the music he would have picked and.... how much I was going to love it. I am sure you will love it too.



01. Tortoise - Along the Banks of Rivers

02. Secret Chiefs 3 - Blaze of the Grail

03. Radar Men from The Moon - Breeding

04. 30000 Monkies - Imperial Staches

05. Vandal X - Flashlight

06. Crowd of Chairs - Masters of Split Persona

07. Moe - Wild Horses

08. Zeus! - Forza Bruta Ram Attack

09. Oxes - Boss Kitty

10. The K. - The Future Is Bright

11. Manet - This May, Be Life

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