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nowHere "7Mondays"

7Mondays is an independent music project born in Crotone, South of Italy, in 2020. All their music is written, composed, and recorded by the two band members Isacco Scarriglia and Alessandro Franco in their home studio. Their stylistic influences embrace various genres, with lyrics speaking about love, awareness, illusion, hope, and all the suggestions given by nighttime. After releasing their first single 'Libidine', a self-produced experiment in Italian, the band decided to expand to a larger audience by writing new songs in English, their first EP has just finished recording, with the technical supervision by Marco Barzetti (Truesleeper, Sonic Jesus), that will be released during 2021 via Dirty Beach and Truebypass.

Thanks to Isacco and Alessandro that did a good playlist of their influences for YOU!

We also want to thank Giorgia Arabia from the Second Chapter witch facilitated the interactions.


01. 7Mondays - Tape Rewind

02. Verdena - Luna

03. Explosion In The Sky - The Birth and Death of the Day

04. Fugazi - I'm So Tired

05. Deafheaven - Near

06. Deftones - Minerva

07. Les Discrets - Song for Mountains

08. Be Forest - Bengala

09. Placebo - Song to Say Goodbye

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