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Updated: Sep 3

Enrico Sorbello is a musician and composer from Acireale a small city in Sicily (Italy), The music he is introducing on the playlist is about his early experiments with "Amiga 500 Commodore" published in 2021 but hidden on some Hard Disk on his family house since mid 90s, out with the name "AcidsoniX". We believe it came out from a joke related to the name "Aegis Sonix" which is the software he used to compose and record the tracks.

Enrico explores music moving around and in it from all possible angles, he got recognition as a bass player with the metal band Sinoath, Dead Schizo, and Waste while in the meantime was involved in jazz and blues open projects. After, Enrico started classical studies choosing the cello as the primary instrument. He has always been involved in music with people coming from noise rock, minimalist, and electronic, soundscapes influences as David Grubbs, Uzeda, Cane Capovolto, Hugo Race (from the Bad Seeds), Giancarlo Patelmo, Lelio Giannetto,Marco Timpanaro, Angelo Pollino, Enrico Grassi Bertazzi, Salvo Barbagallo, Enrico Dibennardo, the Nobel Price Dario Fo, Michael Fischer, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Ned Rothenberg, Dario Arcidiacono and Hermann Nitsch, It's impossible to list them all. He also explores baroque and jazz.

We didn't miss the chance to ask him for a mixtape and It was a pleasure to assemble it.


01. AcidsoniX - Mors Mea Vita Miao

02. Negazione - Tutti Pazzi

03. Pixies - Debaser

04. Descendents - Hope

05. Charged G.B.H. - Diplomatic Immunity

06. The Misfits - Angel Fuck

07. Bauhaus - She's In Parties

08. Frank Zappa - Big Leg Emma

09. Naked City - Reanimator

10. Charles Ives - The Unanswered Question

11. Elio e le Storie Tese - Cadavere Spaziale

12. Thelonious Monk Trio - Ask Me Now

13. Death - Overactive Imagination

14. Black Flag - Room 13

15. Enrico Sorbello - Anesthesia cello version Cliff Burton

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