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nowHere "Agrio"

Agrio is a duo from Madrid (ES) consisting of guitar and drums. They write instrumental songs that they send later to a revolving cast of collaborators so they can add their magic. An open project that gave to the light of 2 EPs where they had collaborated with names such as Mark Lanegan (Queen of the Stone Age, Screaming Trees) and Pete Simonelli (Enablers). Both EPs released in 2020 with Broken Clover Records.

Agrio was also included on our "Fuck 2020" playlist of the best release of the past year.

They are currently working on a new record which at this time they invited Scott McCloud singer of many bands like Girls Against Boys, New Wet Kojak, Paramond Style, Obits. We can't wait to listen to it.

They prepared a playlist of mint tunes we love to share with YOU!



01. Agrio with Mark Lanegan - A Drink of Poison Water

02. Neurosis with Jarboe - Within

03. Girls Against Boys - Super-fire

04. The Flaming Lips - See the Leaves

05. Liars - Plaster Casts of Everything

06. Coil - Fire of the Mind

07. Dut - Petrolioa Ere

08. Massive Attack with Ghostpoet - Come Near Me

09. The For Carnation - Tales - Live From the Crypt

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