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AN EMPTY HEAD is songwriter, singer, and guitarist Nathalie Carlesso based in Kilkenny, Ireland. The Lo-Fi approach to her records using instant and unconventional ways, give intimacy and direct access to the world she is painting right here, right now!

Nathalie is originally from Italy part of the duo Little Creatures but her life brought her to travel and working all around and she started to compose music on electric guitar, recording notes, emotions and feelings. The first release "UNRIPE SONGS" came out in 2017. More recordings and a collaboration with The Pikes for the "CHESTNUTS DEMOS" in 2018.

The recent move to Ireland inspired her to write new songs, related to the perennial state of travel and of feeling foreign in an unknown country as in a distant society. Feelings marked by the majesty of primitive landscapes and the roaring power of the Atlantic Ocean. The EP called 'Corkship' saw the light on the 30th of January 2021. There are no filters to the creative process and this is why I personally love it.

She prepared a mix of her influences and music she likes listening to. The mix varies from indie rock to African jazz and Australian, South American old and new rock bands.



01. An Empty Head - Corkship

02. Animal Collective - Leaf House

03. Gibson Kente - Saduva

04. Courtney Barnett - History Eraser

05. Big Thief - Humans

06. Blonde Redhead - In Particular

07. Dirty Three - Sometimes I Forget You Have Gone

08. Lower Dens - Two Cocks

09. Devendra Banhart - Seahorse

10. Sessa - Flor Do Real

11. Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Drop

12. Do Make Say Think - You Are Awesome

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