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Italian musician based in Switzerland Autune, under Trulletto Records, releases Reworked Auttakes on November 17, 2023, a unique electro-pop experience. Conceived by Davi Vale, Autune draws inspiration from autumn, blending genres like ambient, pop, hip-hop, and orchestral elements.

Autune's commitment to social causes shines through, as seen in past projects addressing youth suicide. His debut album, Komorebi (2022), showcased a fusion of eclectic sounds.

Reworked Auttakes goes a step further, collaborating with diverse artists to revive outtakes from Komorebi. Jazz, lo-fi, folk, classical, and more converge in a '90s party vibe, offering a sonic feast. All proceeds from the Bandcamp release support Médecins Sans Frontières in Gaza.

Autune prepared a great playlist for us! we are delighted to have discovered new tunes thanks to him! (it's that part of aging that makes me proud of having young lads making playlists, It's like delegating my discovery effort to others).

Special Thanks to Stand Alone Complex who shared with us the contacts.


01. Autune - Oh Dear Flower

02. Monte Mai - Dig

03. The Smile - Wall of Eyes

04. Terry Blue - Lausanne

05. Moses Summey - Don't Bother Calling

06. DIDI HAN - Good Times

07. Daughter - Be On Your Way

08. Octo Octa - Find Your Way Home

09. Houstones - Aristocrush

10. Crosses - Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete

11. Copeland - On Your Worst Day

12. Sufjan Stevens - There's a World

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