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BC (Brian Conniffe) is an experimental music artist based in Dublin. Has been actively involved in the industry for the past 20 years. Brian performed live with several bands, frequently as a member of Patrick Kelleher's Cold Dead Hands, Nurse With Wound, Catscars.

A particular emphasis is on working with visual media and expansive cinematic soundscapes, including providing the soundtracks to the feature films The Poorhouse Revisited, Smolt, and At One Fell Swoop by director Michael Higgins.

His music is rich with collaborations where he brings his friends on a journey constellated with minimal drones that slowly drag you into his dark and experimental noise.

Brian prepared a great playlist with his favorites, we discovered a lot of good stuff assembling it, don't miss this one!



01. BC - The Heart Of Tiphareth

02. M. Balamuralikrishna - Omkarakarini

03. Coil - Dark River

04. Ensemble Nipponia - Edo Lullaby

05. Bark Psychosis - Pendulum Man

06. Klara Lewis - Shine

07. Nurse With Wound - Intravenous

08. Mirror - Visiting Star Part Three

09. Hilary Woods - Feral Hymn III

10. Pankaj Kumar Mullick and Chorus - Ya Chandi

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