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nowHere "BLAK"

BLAK are an instrumental heavy rock band from Roda De Ter, Catalonia. The band consisting of Eloi Casellas, Eloi Roca and Carles PD got together in 2015 when they united to record a track that inspired the soundtrack of Miquel Casals‘ short film “Vostok”. This one-off union revealed something truly magical that inspired the trio to keep on writing. Their approach to composition it's cinematic post-rock with a deep dark vibe.

We are glad they answered our call and Carles prepared a great playlist for you! nowHere approaches bands like friends you just met and they start talking about music. We want to share something about them that comes from them.



01. Blak - Black Drips in the Sky (Overwhelming)

02. ISIS - Hall of the Dead

03. Ainara LeGardon - No End

04. No Party For Cao Dong - 山海

05. Bedroom - In My Head

06. CLANN - Once Again

07. Myrkur - Ulvinde

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