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Updated: May 30, 2020

This is a follow up of our number #0 playlist, we had collected all songs titled with the word “nowhere” to celebrate the beginning of our sessions. The Playlist is introduced by sample taken from the movie The Warriors.

We are back with another good news! We settled our blog, at the moment not all the section are completed but we are glad to finally gather all ours activities in a single place.

This is also an open call to everybody who wants to collaborate.

There is also our event coming the facebook link below:

ThreeLakes and The Flatland Eagles // Jane Willow // Bua

Playlist 01. The Warrios Movie Extract 02. Nick Cave – More News From Nowhere 03. Charlie Parker – Out of Nowhere 04. Stereolab – The Flower Called Nowhere 05. Yo La Tengo – Nowhere Near 06. Chelou – Halfway to Nowhere 07. Bob Dylan – You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere 08. Johnny Cash – Just the Other Side of Nowhere 09. Therapy – Nowhere 10. Secret Machines – Nowhere Again 11. Ride – Nowhere 12. The Warriors Movie Extract

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