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nowHere "BROMANCE"

BROMANCE is Gianluca "g.Mod" Modica, Angelo "Gelo" Casarrubia, Marco Scarabel and Peter Smith. based in Bologna, Italy the five members play a sexy and abrasive punk.

Their sound is a concentration of pure adrenaline, made of scratching chants and corrosive riffs backed by a pulsating bass and almost tribal drumming. All in all, it sounds like the dirtiest rock'n'roll collides with the devastating influence of no wave.

We had been in contact with Giorgio from Stand Alone Complex with promotional material, we described how it works with us and they collectively accepted to create a playlist we are delighted to share, It's a great one.



01. BROMANCE - Doubt On The Balcony Boudoir

02. Marvin Gaye - This Love Starved Heart Of Mine (It's Killing Me)

03. The Stooges - Dirt

04. Gun Club - Sex Beat

05. Can - Mushroom

06. Norma Tanega - You're Dead

07. Preoccupations - Slowly

08. Public Image Limited - Public Image

09. Einstrzende Neubauten - The Garden

10. EXEK - (I'm After) Your Best Interest

11. The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping

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