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nowHere "Earth Mother Fuker"

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Earth Mother Fucker is a mint Anglo-American band responsible to cause a headache for many and inspiring others to start playing noise rock!

"Active between 1988 and 2004 without troubling the charts or achieving any degree of critical appreciation, EMF failed even to profit from confusion arising between themselves and their younger, more attractive and much more popular namesakes." - antigene records-

"I Fuck Therefore I Am" is one of the greatest noise rock anthems of the last millennium. EMF recently had been involved with the Independent Venue Week and elected to preserve this final rendition of the song on their IVW20 compilation album alongside Sleaford Mods and many others. It all happened after being asked to perform with Warmduscher as part of last year's events, antigene records also released a live album of the full performance available on Bandcamp.

I use to write all the posts of the blog in the most impersonal way possible because I want people to focus on the music and not on WTF I think about it! so, instead of writing album/band reviews, I have chosen to involve the bands I like, to share a personal playlist with the blog, and of course with everybody clicking on it (I mean YOU!). I always asked to approach at it as when you meet a new friend and It just happens that you start to talk about music and at the end of the night (probably drunk as fuck!) you promise to prepare an old-fashion compilation with those bands of the small scene you are in love with.

I started the blog by asking friends that are in bands I already knew for a long time, so I was sure about what I expect from them, but post after post I started to be in contact with new people and networking with other bands. I then started to assemble the music, equalizing it, and preparing the post. I did absorb a lot of new music and somehow, I was part of the process.

Rick Baylor from Earth Mother Fucker instead had the patience to prepare it all on his own and now I'm just writing this post and I am listening to the mix he prepared as a friend that just received it- and like YOU, had just clicked on it. So It's 7 am here and I'm thrilled as I have never been since I started NowHere.

Thanks again!

I really hope that you guys will enjoy listening as I do.


01. Earth Mother Fucker - I Fuck Therefore I Am

02. The Birthday Party - Dead Joe

03. Whiteslug - Shit Eater

04. Trigger Cut - Mute Driver

05. Sealionwoman - Under the Wires

06. VVRNGDNG - 2020 VV12 v2

07. The International Debt - When I Say Us ... I Mean You

08. Sonic Youth - Death Valley 69

09. Diaphragm Failure - Sugar Crush

10. Henry Homesweet - Toaster

11. Dingus Khan - My Love Lasts Forever Like a Plastic Flower

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