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nowHere "Fauxchisels"

Fauxchisels are Paul Broome (guitars, vocals, and Mullard Rhodes), Dicky Henderson (drums), Mike McNamara (bass) based in Birmingham (UK). They are well-respected in the noise rock and post-punk scenes. I love the attitude and the genuine approach to their music!

"It's a Youth Opportunity Scheme to breathe life and love into the jaded cynic.

More post than punk More stick than rock" - Fauxchisels

Their first album "At The B.C.R.C." released in July 2018, consists of a live recording session in front of a selected audience of friends and strangers. They wanted people close to them to recreate the same tension and release of feelings like in a live concert, I think that this is fantastic. In the last two years, they worked on the concept album "Education or Catastrophe" which will be out at the end of April 2021.

"Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe." Herbert George Wells (1921)

I discovered Fauxchisels while I was assembling the Trigger Cut playlist, so I took the chance to contact them and got the pleasure of receiving their mix that finally, I can share with YOU.



01. Fauxchisels - Pencil Case

02. Modern Literature - Mirtazapine

03. The Frauds - Copenhagen

04. Girls in Synthesis - They're Not Listening

05. Shearwater - Breaking the Yearlings

06. Cranes - Adoration

07. The Nightingales - Thicko Rides Again

08. Pet Crow - NOCD

09. The Courtesy Group - The New Beef

10. Dorcha - Monkey Dust

11. USA Nails - They'd Name an Age

12. Hoopla Blue - Fire Alarm

13. Loma - Dark Oscillations

14. Black Sabbath - The Wizard

15. Grey Hairs - Tail to Teeth

16. Crass - Do They Owe Us A Living?

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