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Wiktor Adam Francikowski is a cello player and multi-instrumentalist musician from Bydgoszcz, Poland. With his music, he explores and researches sounds trying to find the balance between chaos and order. For his music, he explores and researches sounds coming from acoustic and digital sources bringing together everything from materialistic and spiritual to nature and urban. He captures emotions in psychedelic sound stories from moments to remember as soundtracks, soundscapes, ambient, and noises of imprinted memories.

Known as Francikowski and active since 2007, his last record "Caved" was released in February 2021. The music is based on samples literally taken from a cave and then processed on his compositions. For this project, he involved musicians like Madleen Maria, Lukas Sobisek, N.E.S., Rho-Gho Makutra.

We had to take the chance of asking him to prepare a playlist for YOU! the mix is brilliant and we can feel his attitude about the way he approaches music just looking at this small set of great influences.



01. Francikowski feat. Madleen Maria - Carry On

02. Skalpel - Sculpture

03. Resina - In In

04. DVA - No Survi

05. Eric Chenaux - Skillsplitter

06. Jan Jelinek - Moiré (Piano and Organ)

07. Jacob Collier - Clarity

08. Carlos Nino and Friends - Calimayan

09. Tomasz Pawlicki, Adam Szurka, Ewelina Klocek - Chlopiec z Magicznego Lasu

10. Nils Frahm - Kaleidoscope

11. Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians: Pulses

12. Eivind Aarset - Ffwd/Slow Motion

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