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nowHere "Garage Olimpo"

Garage Olimpo is a post-rock/slowcore band based in Dublin, IE. Luca (guitar) and Sebastiano (drums) met in 2018 and initially with Nicola (guitar, synth) and Stefano (bass). They recorded their first Live Session at the historical Temple Lane Studios in 2019. Immediately after, Nicola left the band and joined a school of music for Cinema production, and Stefano who was already in many projects followed.

After a break, searching for people with the same mindset, Alberto (bass) and Valerio (guitar, vocals) joined and Garage Olimpo started to compose new tracks. Covid interrupted all the interaction but as it happened to many bands, during that period they continue working on their projects remotely so in Jan 2022 they released a new single "Why don't you dance?" and at the end of October their first song with vocals titled "Here to Last" mixed and mastered by Angelo Russo of Stridente Records.

They collectively created a playlist of their favorites, introduced by Alberto for YOU! It has a nice flow mixing classics and rarities that will drive you on their musical roots.


01. Garage Olimpo - Here to Last

02. Farglow - Talking About Beatles

03. Beatles - I Want You (She's So Heavy)

04. Pavement - We Dance

05. Pullman - Narrow Canyon

06. Picastro - Friend of Mine

07. Fugazi - Last Chance For A Slow Dance

08. Karate - Outside the Drama

09. Hood - Western Housing Concerns

10. Unwed Sailor - Last Goodbyes

11. June of 44 - Modern Hereditary Dance Steps

12. Motorpsycho - Heartattack Mac

13. Aerial M - Dazed and Awake

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