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Updated: May 30, 2020

We had received a new playlist from Stridente, this time the artist is Justin Paton, a multi-instrumental musician actively involved in so many projects that we stopped to count. From Elctro Pop with NOW to Noise and the Acid produced by Stridente.

Justin will also talk about "Beauty and Disgust", a net label he uses to promote his music and other artists he likes. We had a listen on the bandcamp page, you will find there interesting collection of bands that goes from electro minimal experiments to noise and post punk.

Stridente Inc. produced his latest EP released on 21 Dec 2019, It's a 5 tracks record of Electro Acid.

We will let you discover something more by listening to his interview he did for #StridenteMeets, a youtube channel that collects stories from the London underground scene. The Interview was shooted at Stridente Studio.

The Playlist he sent us is a collection of Justin, a mix made by himself and friends of his most loved songs.

01. The Beach Boys - Ding Dang

02. Neu! - Isi (Justin Paton edit)

03. David Byrne & Brian Eno - Help Me Somebody (Justin Paton remix)

04. Fela Kuti - ITT (Justin Paton remix)

05. Prince And The Revolution - America (Justin Paton remix)

06. The Beach Boys - Life Is For The Living

07. Arthur Russel - In The Light Of A Miracle (Walter Gibbons mix)

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