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nowHere "Lacinskij"

Lacinskij is Giuseppe Schillaci an old friend based in Catania (Italy): bass player, sound engineer, composer, sound designer, producer, and founder of Doremillaro [sb] Recs. He played and toured abroad between Europe and USA with his main band Diane And The Shell.

Over the years he has also worked, played, and collaborated in various forms with many musicians (Veivecura, Mapuche, Alì, Colapesce, Cesare Basile, Uzeda) and songwriters both in-studio and live productions, appearing in more than 20 albums as a musician or producer/sound engineer and performing hundreds of live concerts.

His first solo release, “Sound[e]scaping vol. I“, an album influenced by contemporary electronic music and 16-bit era videogames music was released on his own label Doremillaro [sb] Recs in 2022.

With Giuseppe, I managed large traffic of mp3s over the late 90s "eh eh" in order to discover new music, we attended so many concerts and played with a lot of consoles from the 80s. Giuseppe is involved in everything moves in the Catania music scene, so I'm happy that he has taken some time to mix a playlist and promote the Lacinskij project on nowhere. Enjoy it! It's a great one :)


01. Lacinskij - Quarantine Rain

02. Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld - Come Up And See Me

03. Nirvana - Serve The Servant

04. Battles - Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo)

05. The Shaolin Afronauts - Kilimanjaro

06. Tycho - Awake

07. Max Cooper - Perpetual Motion

08. The Budos Band - The Volcano Song

09. Melt Yourself Down - Fix My Life

10. Daft Punk - Giorgio By Moroder

11. Moondog - Bird's Lament

12. Tony Allen - Go Back (Feat. Damon Albarn)

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