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Low Moder is a four-piece band from Lincoln (UK) formed after a drunken lock-in conversation in summer 2019. Consisting of members of bands too obscure to translate to a supergroup, Low Moder instead shirk the limelight and prefer to let their idiosyncratic music do the talking. With discordant riffs, exploratory lyrics, and a homage to 90s John Peel-isms, they occupy a curious halfway point between noise rock and abandoned carpet warehouses.

It's the carpet the subject of their first release album cover out on the 1st Jan 2021, the most promising way to start the year. We love the music, the approach, and the 90s attitude of the band. They are receiving a lot of great reviews and we are glad to have got the chance to talk with Chris and Mike and involve them to share with us a mix of their influences, as expected we really enjoyed assembling it for YOU!



01. Low Moder - 3 Times Hall of Famer

02. Thank - No Respect for the Arts

03. Workin' Man Noise Unit - Yellow Mind

04. Country Teasers - Black Cloud Wandering

05. Wipers - Pushing the Extreme

06. The Fall - Leave The Capitol

07. Rat the Magnificent - Up The Street

08. Uzeda - Nico And His Cats

09. Sloy - Bad News

10. Hot Snakes - I Hate The Kids

11. JCDX - A Kingdom For My Horse

12. The Jesus Lizard - Thumbscrews

13. Distorted Pony - HOD

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