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Enrico Lanza is a Sicilian guitarist and songwriter, born in Catania. He plays in many bands, but Mapuche is his most intimate and introspective solo project. "Mapuche" means "people of the land," and it relates to the raw elements of his songwriting.

His lyrics describe, with simplicity, iconic allegories of tragic, sarcastic, and cynical life situations. Despite the self-references, he mostly describes obscure and raw scenes of everyone's life. His stories dig deep into emotions where melancholy is the closest representation of hope in a world where reality is the most detached thing from the land (basic human needs).

When the lyrics are ready, Enrico carefully chooses the people he wants to work with for the production. The last album, "Non Chiamarli Mostri" (Don't Call Them Monsters), was produced by Elia Billoni (alias Dino Fumaretto). It's the most experimental album, where raw acoustic instruments like a guitar or a piano are accompanied by drony and distorted sounds that destroy the sense of comfort, pulling the listener into his disillusion. This is certainly the most cerebral album he has written.

Previous works were produced by Lorenzo Urciullo (Colapesce), Cesare Basile, Alessandro Fiori, and Giuseppe Schillaci. We leave to you the curiosity of exploring his discography!

Enrico gifted us with a great playlist, a snapshot of a moment that represents a small slice of his vast knowledge of music. We love the flow and are sure you will enjoy it as much as we did while assembling it!


01. Mapuche - Canzone sull'infelicità

02. Wire - The 15th

03. Adolescents - Kids of the Black Hole

04. Mission Of Burma - Academy Fight Song

05. Ivan Graziani - Scappo di casa

06. Xiu Xiu - Hives Hives

07. Television Personalities - Geoffrey Ingram

08. Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict

09. Os Mutantes - Ave, Lucifer

10. CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea - Punk Islam

11. Caetano Veloso - Tempo De Estio

12. Daniel Johnston - Urge

13. The Germs - Land of Treason

14. Leonard Cohen - Last Year's Man

15. Sam Cooke - Bring It On Home to Me

16. Dino Fumaretto - Ti Ricordi Il Mio Dolore?

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