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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

We are back with more music from our beloved Sicily (Italy). NCT333 is an experimental electronic incursion through the liminal dimension. Electronic ambient textures, industrial sounds, and downtempo rhythms shape the inner space of endless spiritual war. Enrico (a.k.a. Ubu Khan) is a composer active from the early 90s collaborating and producing music in electric and electronic bands with extensive experience in sound shaping and performances. His music is driven by the necessity of express and transfer the weight of our hidden dark emotions to frequencies that hit straight to the point.

Aion (2020) and Controra (2021) were both released during the pandemic, you can listen to his Bandcamp space.

"Controra" is the hottest hours of the summer afternoon, feared by old, wise, and foolish people. During this time the meridian demon manifests itself awaiting for its victims, drawing them into the coils of voluptuous idleness, and then suffocates them in the ill of living, in sloth, in a fixity similar to death. - Ubu Khan

We involved him to prepare a mix of his influences to give YOU a different point of view to know him and his music. It's a dark and suggestive mix.



01. NCT333 - It Hides In the Light

02. A Place to Bury Strangers - Deeper

03. White Noise Sound - Sunset

04. Singapore Sling - Life Is Killing My Rock'n'Roll

05. The Raveonettes - Kill!

06. Cranes - Clear

07. SQURL feat. Madeline Follin - Funnel Of Love

08. Fat White Family - Auto Neutron

09. Angelo Badalamenti - The Pink Room

10. David Lynch - Noah's Ark

11. Bruce Peninsula - Rosie (Remix)

12. Bauhaus - Severance

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