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NETN is a noise rock band based in Ferrara (Italy). Ivo and Campi started as a power duo in 2014 under the name Niet which means "nothing" after a while Matteo (guitar) joined the band and they started to play under the name NETN which has the same meaning coming from Slavic roots. They are activists on the underground scene in Italy, sharing the stage with bands with the same attitude and approach to the music.

NETN released 2 albums, the self-titled was in 2022 and it's when we discovered them. We were also got delighted to discover that "Dangerfield" has been inspired by P. K. Dick novels as the name of our blog, so we started to have a chat with Ivo and he prepared a great playlist for YOU!



01. NETN - Sinking

02. Sofa - Comma


04. Unwound - Lucky Acid

05. Red Warms' Farm - Jelly Bean

06. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Bellbottoms

07. Decibelles - Je Suis Seule

08. Gerda - Lulea, TX

09. Oh Sees - Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster

10. Lleroy - Hallux Valgus

11. McLusky - Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues

12. Shellac - The End of Radio

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