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nowHere "No Nonsense, Just Noise"

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

If there is something that pleases us is to have people involved in the keep the scene going. Lucy is based in beautiful Kent, UK. She is one half of the promotion company Mother Brain and there are a lot of good things coming.

"Mother Brain brings the most glorious noise on the planet to its home county of Kent. Promoting shows cover a vast spectrum of alternative music. Riffs are obeyed. Silence is honored. Nothing is off-limits.

The Community of Mother Brain is safe, welcoming, and intolerant of all discrimination.

Live music is sacred and must be accessible to all."

Their Manifesto is pretty clear and we agree with every single word. They recently brought Midwife which recorded one of our favorites album in 2022, and a lot of concerts are coming in 2023, just to give you an idea: USA Nails, Eurosuite, Pushing Swans, and many others.

We connected with Lucy through the community "NOISE ROCK NOW" on Facebook and the conversation starter was a post about the Karate tour of last summer, and here we are sharing a mix of her favorites, what we can say about it? we discovered a few bands in the company with bands we absolutely love.

No Nonsense, Just Noise!



01. Other Men - Bullet Train To Jimbo's

02. Sweet Williams - Ride A Gold Snail

03. Drive Like Jehu - Golden Brown

04. Love Among The Mannequins - 'Marcel Marceau'

05. Faraquet - The Fourth Introduction

06. Furbie - Pwdr

07. Jackal Onasis - Big Deal Party

08. Floatie - Catch a Good Worm

09. Dianogah - A Breaks B

10. Systems Officer - Signature Red

11. Karate - There Are Ghosts

12. Cole - Recidivism

13. Fish Hunt - One Thing

14. Ativin - Back At The Lab

15. Juno - The Great Salt Lake

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