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Orchids is a unique project featuring some of the best female/non-binary vocalists from Northern Ireland and brings together some of the finest musicians, producers, engineers, mix and mastering engineers to create an album that stands alone as a creative endeavour. This massive undertaking began following the dissolution of a previous project.

Songwriter and guitarist Michael Smyth was left with 9 recorded songs, featuring Emma Rose on bass and Matthew Milner on drums, but in need of vocals. Unwilling to let these songs wither and die on the vine, Michael taught a solution that would give the songs the audience they deserved and a way to breathe new life into them. Written with a female vocal in mind, Michael decided to reach out to some female/non-binary vocalists from Northern Ireland, inviting them to lend their considerable talents to the music and feature on several different tracks.

Michael prepared a playlist of influences and favourites that led to a great selection of tunes we love.

Check it out and enjoy!


01. Orchids - Memoria (feat. Melyssa Shannon)

02. Pretty Girls Make Graves - Speakers Push Air

03. Sparta - Cut Your Ribbon

04. Rites of Spring - For Want Of

05. Planes Mistaken For Stars - Copper and Stars

06. JR Ewing - Change Is Nothing (Everything Is)

07. Marmozets - Major System Error

08. Bear Vs. Shark - Ma Jolie

09. ...And You Will Know Us by The Trail of Dead - It Was There That I Saw You

10. AFI - The Leaving Song Pt. II

11. At The Drive-In - Napoleon Solo

12. Jim Ward - Blink Twice

13. Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American

14. Sunny Day Real Estate - In Circles

15. Pretty Girls Make Graves - This Is Our Emergency

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