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nowHere "PEMOD"

Kris one of our permanent DJs at The Big Romance nights brought us one of his favourite bands! PEMOD is a stoner rock band from Poland’s Planet 32-400. As they often say about themselves, they play rusted ballads from the outskirts of their heavily intoxicated minds. The band was formed in 2019 by bassist Paweł "El Coyote" Matuszyński, and also includes Konrad "Ryrzy" Owczarkiewicz on drums, Dominik "Vegas" Gielas on guitars and John Doe as a lead vocalist.

John who recorded the best Intro ever has also chosen a few tunes for YOU!


01. Pemod - Not for Long

02. LowRider - Convoy 5

03. Deaf Radio - Dance Like a Reptile

04. Witchrider - I’m Outta Breath

05. Miava - Every Heart Is A Beating Piece of Shit

06. Pemod - Berserker Blues

07. 1000Mods - Vidage

08. LowRider - Red River

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