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nowHere "Rotten Bliss"

We are delighted to have discovered Rotten Bliss through our friends from Stridente Records. Her music drives you to disturbing dreams and tender imagery haunts the violent, warm & weird visions of London-based cellist, vocalist, and instrument inventor Jasmine Pender, whose work voyages through the noise, drone, folk, blues, and sound collage.

If you want to discover something more about her music evolution, Stridente recently released a sweet interview that was done a few months ago.

We took the chance to ask her to share a selection of some of her favorite tunes and influences with YOU! We love it.

Enjoy <3


01. Rotten Bliss - Haunted Tiger

02. Laurie Anderson - O Superman

03. M. Lamar, Hunter Hunt Hendrix - We Want to Cross Over

04. Einsturzende Neubauten - The Garden

05. Yuko Ikoma - Moderato

06. The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You

07. Sparklehorse - Spirit Ditch

08. Arthur Russell - Tower Of Meaning / Rabbit's Ear / Home Away From Home

09. Jonathan Kane - Blissed out Rag (Live)

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