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nowHere "Santamuerte"

Santamuerte is a Hawaiian Garage, Psychedelia from Bari, Italy. Power-trio combines the warm sounds of South America with the garage punk attitude from the early 60s and 90s. The band has already attracted the attention of the underground label MiaCameretta Records, who produced their vinyl EP “Age Of Sorrow” in 2014 and in 2016 an LP called "Big Black Sister", and the third record “KonoKono” out on 5th October 2019 via GoDown Records and MiaCameretta Records. The sound of the band creates the atmosphere of the desert and the heat of Mexico, with impassable walls of long and acid electric guitars; the Latin sounds are combined with garage-rock, which gives them more energy and speed; the accuracy of the musical arrangements meets the choice of dirty sounds full of instinct.

J.J. Springfield was introduced to us by our friends of NFO (No Fade Out) while hosting a few shows with LOUD Radio witch he manages. We immediately loved the sound of Santmurte that you can also listen to this beautiful playlist he prepared for YOU!



01. Santamuerte - Miracle

02. The Black Lips - Cold Hands

03. Fontaines D.C. - Big

04. Sabina Sciubba - Viva L'Amour

05. Jay Reatard - Let It All Go

06. Protomartyr - Maidenhead

07. Abelardo Carbono Y Su Conjunto - Muévela

08. Yussuf Jerusalem - With You In Mind

09. Viagra Boys - Call Of The Wild

10. Charlie McAlister - Hawaiian Blue / Mississippi Grey

11. Panda Kid - Garage On The Beach

12. Slift - Ummon

13. Caetano Veloso - Chuva, Suor E Cerveja

14. Jacuzzi Boys - Island Ave

15. Gli Ebrei - Mio Amico Mio

16. Night Beats - No Cops

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