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Sebastiano Lillo is a guitarist and music producer from the southern Italian region of Puglia. Influenced by American roots music, especially blues, he has developed a playing style characterized by fingerstyle technique and the use of the slide. His sound has developed into something instantly recognizable, contaminated by blues, psychedelic rock, jazz and world music. He has become one of the most popular and sought-after slide and fingerpicking guitarists in Italy.

Our friends from Stand Alone Complex asked Sebastiano to prepare a playlist of his favourites and influences, it's a great playlist with a chill and great flow.



01. Sebastiano Lillo - Feelin' Like Sheep

02. Alex Figueira - Blowing Up Gates

03. Goat - Run To Your Mama

04. Tame Impala - Desire Be Desire Go

05. Hermanos Gutierrez - El Bueno Y El Malo

06. LA LOM - El Sueno

07. I Hate My Village - Tony Hawk Of Ghana

08. Opez - Carlos Primero

09. Ty Segall - Whisper

10. Fantastic Negrito - Highest Bidder

11. Khruangbin - First Class

12. Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - Texas Sun

13. Quantic - Westbound Train

14. Tommy Guerrero - El Camino Negro

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