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nowHere "Shifting"

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

photo by Kyle Gorman

All the activities of our blog are based in Dublin (Ireland) so we are pleased to involve Paul in selecting this playlist! Shifting is a Dublin trio of experienced heads: Paul Clynes (guitar) and brothers Matt & Lewis Hedigan respectively on bass and drums. The band formed in 2016 with the purpose of composing a spontaneous but genuine sound driven by their past experiences.

“To trust our instincts rather than deliberating over minute details as we might do in other projects, we can churn out songs quite quickly.” - Shifting

In support of this quote, I like to add that they played their first concert after only 3 rehearsals.

"After writing that first flurry of songs, we honed in on what was unique about them and developed the elements. Our productivity levels slowed down a bit since then but we feel the album and the process of making it stay true to that initial intention of being fun and easy." - Shitting

Their first release, in 2017, was a split 7″ with Gummidge. Their debut LP, “It Was Good” was released in August 2020 of which, one of the tracks is included in the nowhere playlist of the best release in our post: "Something about Fuck 2020". The instruments were recorded live without the use of the tempo click and with the intention of capturing the natural sound of the three playing in a room.

They are also involved in other mint bands such as Hands Up Who Wants To Die, No Spill Blood, Elk.

Paul prepared this mix for YOU!


01. Shifting - Polo Neck Dream

02. The Fall - Smile

03. Richard Dawson - The Vile Stuff

04. Beak - Backwell

05. Shipping News - Axons and Dendrites

06. Crack Cloud - Swish Swash

07. Dead Rider - Blank Screen

08. U.S. Maple - The State Is Bad

09. The Static with Glenn Branca - My Relationship

10. Doomsday Student - Wonderful

11. Boney M - Daddy Cool

12. Clipping - Say the Name

13. ABRA - Roses

14. Zu - Ostia

15. My Disco - An Even Sun

16. The Ex - Frenzy

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