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nowHere "Sprain"

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Sprain is a LA quartet formed in 20read the announcements of the Sprain joining and releasing their first album with them. I was excited and thought "I knew they were going to end up with something so good, great job!".

18. I had listened to them for the first time in a YouTube channel called "worldhaspostrock", I was doing my office work and while I was being overwhelmed by those "plin plin" bands, something different had caught my attention, then I looked the title and it was playing "Sprain - True Norwegian Black Metal" and at this stage, I laughed because there were very contrasting differences between the title and the warm and slow melodies! The mix of so many different influences was what made me fall in love with them! One year later, while I was buying a Planning for Burial LP from the Flenser catalogue, I

The album "As Lost Through Collision" came out in September 2020, the sound is different. As Alex Kent (a member of the band) described in an interview, It was a matter of space. When they were composing the first EP, they had to compromise with the restrictions of the small place they could afford but when they got the chance to practice in a proper rehearsal studio, It exploded in a more powerful and complex sound but in somehow maintaining the same intimacy of their first recordings, I feel that on this album they were freer to express the intensity and a wide range of emotions they wanted to share with us since the beginning.

I'm not going to review the album since I don't have to convince you about anything when you can figure out yourself in all the streaming services it is shared. Instead, I asked Alex Kent to create a playlist of his favourites and influences. When he agreed to it, I was sure that I was going to post a great one!



01. Sprain - Everything

02. Alice Coltrane feat. Pharoah Sanders - Journey In Satchidananda

03. Drowse - Something

04. Lowercase - Slightly Dazed

05. Low - Tomorrow One

06. White Suns - Cathexis

07. Pink Floyd - Absolutely Curtains

08. Nico - The Falconer

09. Xiu Xiu - Walnut House

10. Philip Glass - SloMo People

11. Lift To Experience - The Ground So Soft

12. Unwound - Descension

13. The Dead C - Your Hand

14. Swans - Sex, God, Sex

15. This Heat - Not Waving

16. Ennio Morricone - Falls

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