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nowHere "Strebla"

Strebla is a four pieces noise rock band from Bari (Italy). They are Nicola Ditolve (guitar, vocals), Ottavia Farchi (bass, vocals), Alessandro Francabandiera (synth), and Manuel Alboreto (drums). Their sound has grown from the primordial broth of hardcore punk excellence and attitude that comes from Puglia and their personal and fresh approach and angular, noisy influences.

Cemento (Concrete) is their debut album out in 2021, self-produced and distributed by Zero Produzioni, TGIC RECS, Vollmer Industries, Troppistruzzi, 1 a 0, Rodomonte Dischi, BxAx Hardcore.

We are delighted that Nicola answered our call and prepared a mix of influences and bands they love!



01. Strebla - Carne 02. Big Black - Bad Penny 03. Bad Brains - Big Take Over 04. Gang of Four - Damaged Goods 05. Carmona Retusa - Pazienza 06. Duocane - Neqroots 07. Nomeansno - It's Catching Up 08. Tear me down - 10 100 1000 Accalarentia 09. Bz Bz Ueu - Cognitivo 10. Bam Box Orchestra! - Teach Your Children How to Rise Above You 11. Turangalila - Omicidio e Fuga 12. The Jesus Lizard - Thumbscrews 13. Marnero - A Torinói Ló 14. Don Vito - Funny Is Important 15. Enzo Del Re - Lavorare con Lentezza

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