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nowHere "The Last Vinci"

The Last Vinci is an Alternative Rock/Stoner band from Cork, Ireland, led by Alex Vinci, well known for his punishing low frequencies through a three amps set-up and his “give-all-you-have” energetic attitude, larger-than-life stage presence.

Their debut album “THE LAST VINCI” went out in November 2014, the release brought them touring around Ireland, Italy, Uk, Switzerland, Latvia, and Lithuania. After a pause witch kept Alex busy with his other project Order of the Mess, The Last Vinci Recorded a new EP in Sept 2019 for the label Narrow Door Records

The band is working hard on a new LP, expected to be released during 2021, teaming with the Liverpool producer Tom Peters (Bicurious, Alpha Male Tea Party, Cleft, Vasa, God Alone, and many others).

If you like their music and you want to support them on it you can click HERE.

We asked them to prepare a playlist and it's a super powerful one, we love the energy that reflects 100% of their music.



01.The Last Vinci - Nemesis

02. Bicurious - I Don't Do Drugs, I Just Sweat a Lot

03. Bannered Mare - Catch the Tail

04. Alpha Male Tea Party - Bonfire Disaster Movie

05. Ego Kill talent - NOW!

06. Vernon Jane - Otherside

07. Bankrupt - Heavy Eyes

08. Aiming for Enrike - Don't Hassle the Hoff

09. The New Regime - Live in Fear

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