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nowHere "Vultures You Know"

As some of you know, nowhere music is not a place where we share album reviews, we think that after "the Internet" made us all neighbors we all have access to the music we want, and if we don't know a band we just need to click a button, despite that we think that critics are very important but "the Internet" created a multitude of junk we don't want to be part of. So what do we do? eh eh We annoy bands by asking them to create playlists we share! and this experiment worked because we discovered there is a genuine network of bands that supports each other.

Vultures You Know is a heavy noise rock band based in Dublin, Ireland. We have been caught by their sound and lyrics, it reminds us of Prohibition, NoMeansNo, and Melvins.

If you want to know more about them you have only to press ... the button! They prepared a blasting playlist we have loved to assemble for YOU.



01. Vultures You Know - Vultures You Know

02. The caretaker - I1 Stage 4 Temporary Bliss State

03. Sunn O))) & Scott Walker - Lullaby

04. Succumb - Okeanus

05. Sonic Youth - Cross The Breeze

06. Thou - Supernaut

07. Oathbreaker - Being Able to Feel Nothing

08. Rollerskate Skinny - So Far Down Up to Heaven

09. Koloon Walled City - The Pressure Keeps Me Alive

10. Godflesh - Like Rats

11. Etaoin Shrdlu - Brown Sabbath

12. Tombouctou - Dinner

13. Pretty Happy - Husband

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