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nowHere "XV Arcano"

XV Arcano is a solo project by the multifaceted Italian artist Walter Castagno, who has chosen UKhan Records to propose his ambient horror made up of arcane suggestions and industrial sounds.

The album "Il funesto viaggio di un oscuro indagatore" (The fatal journey of a dark inquisitor) takes inspiration from the pandemic to narrate the psychic and spiritual collapse of the main character of this sonic journey, who, in forced solitude, carelessly goes into the study of occult doctrines and into the abysses of the human soul, becoming a victim of the predatory forces that inhabit the regions of the astral plane and the unconscious.

The path winds through nine tracks, each of which is accompanied by a poetic composition in quatrains (hendecasyllables in the Italian version), whose musical stylistic references range from dark ambient to industrial with some references to experimental electronics and downtempo.

We always welcome UKhan Records releases and they took the chance to Involve Walter to create a playlist for YOU.



01. Quindicesimo Arcano - Imprigionato da Ributtanti Carcerieri

02. Sigillum S - Inwrought Cenobite in Meatphonick Fast Forward

03. For The Glory Of Nothing - Cassiel Rising

04. Lapis Niger - Inside the Black Pearl

05. Terroritmo - Anima Obscura

06. Atrium Carceri - Realitatem

07. Snowfade - Abandoned House

08. Electric Sewer Age - Still too far to go

09. The Residents - Die in Terror

10. NCT333 - White Sophia in the Bridal Chamber

11. Bright Death Now - Let Everything Rot

12. Cropcircle - Moon point of view

13. Snowfade - Ossuary

14. Corpoparassita - Martirologio

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